The goal of The Capitol Group is to help companies, industry associations, charitable organizations and other clients work effectively and efficiently with state and local governments.

The Capitol Group is a consortium of lobbying and public affairs professionals dedicated to thoughtful and reasoned analysis of public issues, while all the time adhering to these fundamental and overriding principles:

  • The Legislature is a process, not an event.
  • Success in the public arena does not require the compromising of integrity — either that of our group, that of our client or that of the public officials.
  • Investment in the long-term solution and its value is unquestionably superior to the short-term fix and its temporary gains.

At The Capitol Group, our staff of skilled professionals offer years of experience working with a broad spectrum of issues which includes:

  • Public Affairs Counseling
  • Direct Lobbying Initiatives
  • Advice on Political Positioning and Advocacy
  • Policy Analysis and Development of Case Statements
  • Executive Briefings
  • Analysis and Advice on Corporate Strategy for Issues Management

The success that The Capitol Group has enjoyed is predicated on these five simple, thoughtful, and results driven, guidelines:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the client's objectives and expectations to determine how they are impacted by public policy and perceptions.
  • Explain to clients the full scope of the project and what they need to hear — not just what they would like to hear — through timely, honest, independent and informed consultation.
  • Anticipate what is needed while there is still time to persuade critical decisions and decision-makers.
  • Guarantee absolute discretion in the management of the client's operations.
  • Conduct all client relationships and representations as if the Chairman of the Board or Chief Executive Officer of the company are present because, in effect, they are there. They are paying for and have the right to expect professionalism they can proudly embrace.

P.O. Box 242210 • Little Rock, AR 72223 • telephone: 501-821-0100 • fax: 501-821-0102

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